AC Services

Sit Back and Chill Out No Matter the Heat

Your AC should be keeping you cool no matter the season. It is not only a comfort feature, but also a safety feature: keeping your windows fog free in the winter. If your AC is giving you issues, come in for a quick diagnosis so we can ensure your comfort and safety.

Warning Signs

There are numerous failures that could cause your AC to break down or simply not work as well as it once did. These include:


If you hear unusual under hood noises when you turn on your AC, come get it checked.


If you experience an unusual odor in your vehicle, we recommend a breath mint. If that odor persists it could be a sign that your evaporator or cabin air filter needs replacement due to possible mold.


If your AC system is working intermittently or changing temperatures on its own, come get it checked.

Main Street is Here to Help

We utilize modern diagnostic tech and tools to get to the bottom of your AC problems, and offer honest and transparent repairs for all situations.  If your refrigerant levels are low, we will properly recharge your system and add the appropriate amount of refrigerant to help your AC blow cold again. We can replace broken condensers, leaking lines, or dirty cabin air filters. No matter the issue or type of vehicle we can handle it. You can feel confident working with our trusted team.

Possible AC Issues

Many AC issues can be attributed to a low refrigerant level. However, that low refrigerant usually occurs from some other issue that causes a leak or other malfunction. We fully inspect all system components to ensure that all issues are addressed and brought to our customers’ attention.

Decreased Fuel Mileage

Pressure Switch Inactive

AC System Leaking

Contaminated Refrigerant

Condenser Leaking or Clogged

Compressor Damaged

Damaged Belt

Compressor Clutch Not Engaging

Refrigerant Too Low or Overfilled

Dysfunctional Interior Controls