Batteries, Starters And Charging

Batteries, Starters And Charging

Your battery, charging, and starting systems are all intertwined in your car. If one component fails it easily effects the others. As such, we take diagnosing these issues seriously.

Non-starting issues commonly seem like a dead battery. However, it is a possible the cable has corroded and cannot carry the required current. This is a much more cost effective repair, sending our customer home with a fully functional vehicle, and a few extra dollars in their pocket. We take pride in doing the proper repair for our customers.

Dead or Weakened Battery Warning Signs

Watch for these warning signs that could indicated diminished battery performance:
Common ways to tell that your battery is about to go out include:

Battery is more than 5 years old.

Engine Slow to Start or Turn Over

Clicking noise when starting the vehicle.

Slowed Electronic Functions (window rolls up slow, etc)

Battery Terminals are Corroded

Charging and Starting System Parts