Brake Service

Braking System Service
In Your Neighborhood

A vehicle’s brakes are the most important safety system. This means that any compromised performance puts you and your family at risk. Fortunately, they are also the easiest to inspect, taking only a few minutes. Come on down to Main Street Automotive for a courtesy brake inspection. We will check your front and rear brake and brake fluid to ensure you have plenty of stopping power for when you need it.

Possible Brake Issues

The most common point for issues in the braking system are the pads and rotors. Fortunately these are known as wear components and are engineered to be easily replaced. However, if these parts are neglected and are not inspected regularly and replaced, they can cause much larger, expensive issues.

  • Squeaking or Squealing Sound: Most brake pads are equipped with a flange that causes this noise when the pad is getting low.
  • Grinding noise while braking: Braking should feel smooth, not gritty.
  • Steering Wheel Shake When Braking: Commonly due to warped brake rotors.
  • Vehicle Pulls to Left or Right under Braking: Can be a variety of issues including a frozen or seized caliper.
  • Brake Pedal Feels Spongy: Commonly associated with air in the brake lines or possibly the lines fatiguing from time.

Braking System Service

The brake fluid in your vehicle has several jobs. It exacts pressure in the calipers during extreme heat, dissipates water from the system, lubricates brake calipers and protects the system from corrosion. At Main Street Automotive we have a specific tool to check your brake fluid, it will tell us the life of the fluid and the percentage of water in the system. That way we can accurately alert our customers when it is time for a system flush.

Brake Inspection Components

When servicing your vehicle, we always provide you an upfront summary of everything that needs to be fixed, including a parts and labor cost-breakdown. Your vehicle repairs are always your choice, and we will never do anything without your consent.

Brake Pad
& Shoe Thickness


Fluid Life

Brake Hose
Cracking & Wear

Brake Hardware

Rotor Thickness
& Wear

Driving Habits and Preventative Maintenance

You can extend the life of your brakes–including pads and rotors–through regular maintenance and by adjusting your driving habits. Be sure to service your brakes as soon as you experience any symptoms and replace your brake fluid as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Reduce wear and tear by avoiding stop and go traffic and minimizing your vehicle load.

Why Choose Christian Brothers Automotive

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we are dedicated to reshaping the way you think about car repair and service. Through our commitment to the Nice Difference® and loving our neighbors as ourselves, our goal is to always go above and beyond what you expect from an automotive shop. This commitment includes:


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However, the most important benefit we offer our customers is our partnership. We treat each vehicle we see like it’s our own, and truly become your partner in automotive care. Our guests are informed of the repair process every step of the way with thorough and transparent explanations from our Service Team. Plus, we will never do anything to your vehicle without your consent, and we won’t recommend unnecessary service or repairs.