Check Engine

Complete On Board Diagnostic Testing

Since 1996, vehicles have been equipped with a universal onboard diagnostic system (OBD-II). This system monitors a plethora of functions on your vehicle. From the emissions system, to engine performance and transmission performance, these systems are monitoring more and more operations as cars become more and more complicated.

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Solid, Illuminated Check Engine Light

Bring your vehicle to a shop as soon as possible. It is likely that the vehicle is still safe to drive, though we recommend checking with your insurance to have it towed if possible.

Flashing Check Engine Light

Do not drive the vehicle any further. We recommend pulling over immediately as soon as it is safe. Do not drive the car further. Call your insurance to work out a tow to avoid further damage.

How We Can Help

Plenty of other automotive shops offer a free check engine light diagnostic test. However, those readings do not always paint the full picture. These free scans usually spit out a code that pinpoints the general location of the problem, but doesn’t illuminate what exactly is broken or how to fix it.
Clearly, something is malfunctioning if your check engine light comes on (and stays on), but it’s important to steer clear of a misdiagnosis from a free test, which could lead to unnecessary and costly part replacements.