Exhaust System

Exhaust Expert

Exhaust systems in modern vehicles are very complex. They have sensors that monitor the gasses coming out of the tailpipe and ensure that pollutants are minimized. We speak exhaust and have the proper tools and training to check, fix, and monitor these systems. If you are experiencing a check engine light, loss of power, smelly smoke, or excessive smoke coming from your vehicle come see Main Street Automotive today. Let our trained staff diagnose and fix the problem right away.

Potential Problems

Outside of the Muffler the exhaust system has many components to ensure clean emissions coming from the tailpipe. Components include the muffler, piping, EGR system, O2 Sensors, and sometimes multiple catalytic converters. All these systems are there to reduce pollution and keep our air clean.

As part of our “Smart, Simple, Fixed” methodology we inspect and check your exhaust system for problems during routine maintenance. Feel safe knowing we are here to assist you and keep your car from polluting! Here are a few things that can cause a problem with the Emissions System in your vehicle

Rattling, or a change in the tone during acceleration

Misfiring, shaking from the engine

A smell of Gasoline

Loss of power, ann fuel mileage

Loss of Fuel Economy

Come to Main Street Automotive! Our have the training and tools to understand what is happening in the exhaust system. We also have the recommendations to prolong your catalytic converter, and save you money down the road. Vehicles are complex, but we make repairing them easy for you!