Fuel System

Fuel System Maintenance

As much as fuel companies state that their fuel is the purest and cleanest, there is still preventative maintenance that needs to be done to you fuel system. Today’s vehicles are equipped with fuel filters that should be replaced periodically, based on your maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Fuel System Flushes & Treatments

Today’s vehicles also use fuel injection within the combustion chamber called direct injection. This is a great technology that allows for higher efficiency, but it does have a draw back. Because the fuel is not being sprayed earlier in the intake system, it is not able to use its cleaning power in the intake system. This means modern engines are more prone to carbon build up. As such Main Street Automotive recommends our special Intake Flush. The Intake Flush involves cleaning your air flow sensor (MAF), the intake runners and even the cylinders themselves. We do this by using a special injection system and only the best cleaning supplies to clear out your intake system. As such our Service Advisors will recommend Fuel System Treatments or Intake Flushes around every 50k miles.

Neglecting fuel system maintenance can cause issues with many components your vehicle. No matter the quality of your fuel, deposits will occur. These deposits can:

Create Valve & Cylinder Deposits

Foul Spark Plugs

Clog Injectors

Clog Catalytic Converters