Wheel Alignment Services

When, Why and How

Over time drivers can experience alignment problems that cause their vehicle to pull to the right or the left. If your steering wheel is off-centered when traveling straight, you likely have an alignment problem on your hands.

Potential Problems

While alignment issues are an annoyance, they can signal early issues with suspension components and tires. It is imperative that you get these issues checked before more damage occurs. These symptoms can also give warning to unsafe driving conditions in your vehicle. We recommend checking your alignment every scheduled service interval. We do this at no charge to ensure your vehicle is kept in tip-top shape.

Cupping and/or Uneven Tire Wear

Vehicle Pulling to Left or Right while Driving Straight

Off-Center Steering Wheel While Driving Straight

Vibrations Occurring at High Speed

Diminished Cornering Stability

If any accidents have occurred, whether major or minor, your alignment needs to be checked after all repairs to ensure safe operation of the vehicle.